Me and mountain (childhood)

My first climb was when I was three years old.

When I was three, my mother took me to Mt.Norikura-dake.
I have no memory, but on the walls of the house I lived in, there had been a picture that 
was delighted with raising my hand at the summit, all the way.

Next year, my mother took me to Mt.Nishihotaka-dake.
She said to me “there are very delicious foods.” and I could arrive Nishiho Sanso hut.

The food was simple, but truly, it was delicious.

And then, when I was five years old.
I climbed to Hotakadake Sanso.
No, it was not accurate.
I remember that someone carried me on the way.

I arrived and dad said to me, “Welcome, Meg. Here is our mountain home.”

I was born under the father who runs a mountain hut.

Since that year, almost every year I went there in summer.


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