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Hotakadake,jp is a website started 2018.

My name is imadameg. I live in Japan.

My grandpa built a mountain hut named “Hotakadake Sanso” 95 years ago. that is at the col (saddle between mountains) near “Mt.Okuhotakadake“.

The mountain’s altitude is 3190 meters / 10466 ft , and part of the the mountain range called Japan North alps.

Now, 250 persons can stay in the mountain hut. In 2012, I took over the hut and want to make it better.

You know little about Japanese mountains and thier trails now, do you?

In this website, I ‘d like to introduce about Mt.Okuhotakadake and neighborhood.

I’m glad that if you read them and will have an interest in Japanese mountains’ trails!